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Von Diaz

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On the Radio: Fi2W’s Von Diaz on The Splendid Table

An interview with Von Diaz about her Cocina Criolla project.

Von Diaz on Latino USA: The Struggle of Lesbians in Cuba

After the 1959 revolution, being gay in Cuba was considered counter-revolutionary....

Von Diaz on PRI’s The World: LGBT Immigrant Youth Struggle in New York

Listen to reporter Von Diaz’s radio story about young gay immigrants in New...

Von Diaz Speaks About LGBT Homeless Youth on CUNY TV

Feet in Two Worlds’ reporter Von Diaz appeared on CUNY TV’s Independent...

It Matters Who Tells The Story

From gay, homeless immigrant youth to reimagining Puerto Rican cuisine, Von Diaz...
Food In 2 WorldsStories

More Than One Way to Crack a Coconut: Making Puerto Rican Tembleque

As part of her exploration of the Puerto Rican cookbook Cocina Criolla, Von Diaz...
AudioFood In 2 WorldsStories

Thanksgiving on the Radio: Pavochón, ‘Thanksgivukkah,’ and Other Fusions

Listen to Kathy Gunst on NHPR’s ‘Word of Mouth,” and Von Diaz on...

How Immigration Reform Could Address Violence Against Immigrant Women

Von Diaz reports for Colorlines on high levels of domestic violence among immigrant...