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Columns of news analysis and opinion about the immigration news of the day.
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Commentary: 2012, A Milestone Year for U.S. Latinos

From politics to popular culture, 2012 was a year when Latinos in the U.S. broke into the mainstream.

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Commentary: A Christmas Present for Victor

A private bill allowing Victor Chukwueke to stay in the United States and study medicine is cause for celebration says Erwin de Leon, but Victor is just one of millions.


Commentary: Legal Violence Against Immigrants and Their Families

A new report argues that immigration enforcement is a kind of legal violence inflicted upon immigrants and their families. Erwin de Leon says it hurts the nation as a whole.

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Commentary: Will the “New” Consensus on Immigration Work with the Old?

A group of conservative faith, law enforcement, and business leaders call for bipartisan immigration reform. Erwin de Leon says this could be the start of something new.

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Commentary: Fiscal Cliff Outcome Could Further Hurt Latino Students

Latinos have the lowest education attainment level of any group in the U.S. Further cuts could be devastating.

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Commentary: STEM Bill Passes House but Real Reform Still to Come

The STEM bill has passed the house, but Fi2W columnist Erwin de Leon says its scope is too narrow to be considered true immigration reform.

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Commentary: Will Immigration Reform Be Comprehensive and Inclusive?

FI2W’s Erwin de Leon worries that compromise on immigration reform could leave out binational LGBT families.

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Commentary: What to Expect In Obama’s 2nd Term – Small Steps at Immigration Reform

Obama won support from Latinos and immigrants by promising reform. Now he has to act.

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Commentary: Response to Sandy Shows Vital Role of Immigrants During Calamities

Immigrant workers stayed on the job during Hurricane Sandy. Many because they wanted to, some because they had to.

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Commentary: Between Obama and Romney, Choice Should Be Crystal Clear to Immigrants

Columnist Erwin de Leon has no doubt about who immigrants should vote for after watching the second presidential debate.