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Columns of news analysis and opinion about the immigration news of the day.
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Commentary: Immigration Not Debated But Still Important

Will immigration will be discussed in Tuesday’s presidential debate? Fi2W Columnist Erwin de Leon says it’s should not be ignored by the candidates, even though many immigrants themselves rank it below the economy as a priority.

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Commentary: Discretion Policy on Deportations of Gay Immigrant Spouses Doesn’t Go Far Enough

Columnist Erwin de Leon argues that a recent letter from DHS Secretary Napolitano isn’t the welcome news that many gay immigrant advocates believe it to be.

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Commentary: Survey Reveals Asians Are a Voting Bloc that Cannot Be Ignored

Fi2W commentator Erwin de Leon says both parties need to wake up and start wooing Asian American voters. They could be the deciding factor in key battleground states.

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Commentary: Campaigns Blitz Latino Voters with Ads, But Will it Change the Race?

Fi2W commentator Jack Tomas takes a critical look at the latest crop of political ads -in both Spanish and English – aimed at Latino voters.

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Commentary: Congress’s Green Card Debate – Should Highly Skilled Immigrants Get Priority?

Fi2W columnist Erwin de Leon says the U.S. needs more highly skilled immigrant workers, but not at the expense of other immigrants who also contribute to the economy.

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Commentary: The Chicago Teacher’s Strike, Public Education, and Immigrants

The Chicago teacher’s strike is in its fifth day. Fi2W commentator Erwin de Leon thinks the outcome will be particularly important for immigrants.

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Commentary: The Choice is Clear for Immigrants

This November, Fi2W commentator Erwin de Leon will be supporting the party that listens to immigrant voices.


Despite Display of Diversity, GOP Actions and Words Send Hostile Message to Immigrants

Republicans are trying to appeal to immigrants and people of color with a diverse cast of convention speakers. But Fi2W commentator Erwin de Leon says the GOP’s message is anti-immigrant.

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Ted Cruz Brings His Conservative Message to the Republican National Convention

Republicans a the GOP convention applauded what Ted Cruz had to say Tuesday night. But what is he saying? Jack Tomas offers a critique of Cruz’s speech.

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Despite Legalized Gay Marriage, a Missing Piece for Immigrants

Part of Erwin de Leon’s American dream was to live openly and with integrity. In this commentary he tells us why gay marriage is his issue.