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Searching for Solace: “A Better Life?” Podcast

Jasmine Jiwani kneels at her husband’s gravestone at a cemetery in Lawrenceville, Georgia. She never thought—coming to America from East Africa a decade ago—that one day she would have to mourn alone.

Jiwani is part of Atlanta’s large Ismaili Muslim community, which believes in the power of communal prayer to worship and heal. Covid restrictions prevented the community from gathering for the funeral of her husband, who died of Covid.

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Two Cities Called Nogales: “A Better Life?” Podcast

Prosperity and Economic Devastation on the US-Mexico Border

"A Better Life?"Featured Stories

“A Better Life?” Podcast Returns for Second Season

New season asks, “Who gets to return to normal?”

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Coming of Age as an American Muslim Woman in post-9/11 America

“I finally feel like I have the tools and agency to share the stories of my fellow Muslims”

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A New Chapter for Feet in 2 Worlds

Fi2W is joining a community of non-profit news organizations

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Uncovering Stories of Asian Americans in the Old West

“They were there all along. I just didn’t know their stories.”