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Dining While Muslim – Eating Out in the Age of Trump

How Islamophobia has changed the restaurant experience.

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Ending DACA Casts a Shadow on a Young Chef’s Dream

DACA allowed Alfonso Verdis to rise in the restaurant business. Now he faces an uncertain future.

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You Can’t Have Your Hummus and Hate Arabs Too

A simple dish that captures America’s culture wars.

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A Homeless Refugee from Zimbabwe Finds New Opportunities Through Cooking

A dinner series featuring refugee chefs helps Tatenda Ngwaru survive in her new home.

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Hate Immigrants, Love Their Food

Welcome to the latest edition of our online magazine.

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Katherine Hernandez is Fi2W’s New Food Reporting Fellow

An Afro-Latina writer with an interest in food and culture.

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My Jewish Family History Told Through Food

Three very different stories of food and Jewish heritage.

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Fi2W on the Radio: A Korean Restaurant in Brooklyn via Uzbekistan

A restaurant reveals a little-known story of the Korean diaspora.