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Stories about Arab immigrant communities.
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‘What I Carried’ Volume Three: Romanian Records, and a Lebanese Family Cookbook

Using sound, photography and text, stories about immigrants from our collaboration with Cowbird.

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Could Voters in a Heavily Hispanic District Elect the First Arab-American to the New York City Council?

Zead Ramadan could make history, but is considered an underdog in the race in upper Manhattan.

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Video: Daughter of Deported Jordanian Immigrant Travels to Washington to Advocate for Reform

Magdolyn Kawas joined thousands of other demonstrators. Her message was about the importance of keeping families together.


Brooklyn Artist uses Call to Prayer to Focus on Attitudes Toward Muslims

Artist Ateqah Khaki highlights the everyday lives of Muslims and encourages dialogue about Islam in new multimedia project.

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On the Radio: Syrian Doctor in Brooklyn Wants to Return Home, But is Forced to Wait

The Fi2W story about Ahlam, a Syrian doctor who is faced with a difficult decision, aired on PRI’s The World. Listen to it here.

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Hard Work, Long Hours, Big Dreams – Audio Postcards of NY Immigrants in Business & On the Job

Immigrants are a major force in New York’s economy. Meet some of the business owners and workers that contribute to the city’s economic vitality.