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Stories about Haitian immigrants in the U.S.
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Introducing “Call Your Elders” – A New Feature of Our “A Better Life?” Podcast Series

Monique and Eric Barrau talk to their daughter about quarantine and their lives since leaving Haiti in the 1960s.

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A Haitian-American Finds Her Place in the Black Lives Matter Movement

The killing of George Floyd seems to have pushed more Haitian-Americans than ever to join the movement for equality.

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Dispelling Vodou myths: Fi2W on Deutsche Welle

Rachel Bongiorno goes to New Jersey to find out more about the Voudou religion.

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Podcast: Among Dark-Skinned Immigrants Some See Skin Bleaching as a Path to Success

Christina Berthaud explores the practice of skin-bleaching among Caribbean immigrants in the U.S.

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Food in 2 Worlds™: Audio Postcards about Cuisine, Culture, and Love

Immigrants talk about how they remain connected to their home culture through food.


‘What I Carried’ Volume Five: One Bear and Two Flags

The latest installment of our ‘What I Carried’ collaboration with Cowbird, using sound, photography and text to tell stories about immigrants.


‘What I Carried’ – A New Collection of Immigration Stories From Fi2W and Cowbird

Through sound, text and photography, a new series examines personal objects with special meaning to immigrants.