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Photo Project Helps Latino Immigrants Bridge Generation Gap

A new exhibit features photos by Latino parents and their children.

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Podcast: Mexican Youth in New York Drop Out in Record Numbers

High poverty rates, language barriers, immigration status, and trouble accessing financial aid for college are among the contributing factors.

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Hard Work, Long Hours, Big Dreams – Audio Postcards of NY Immigrants in Business & On the Job

Immigrants are a major force in New York’s economy. Meet some of the business owners and workers that contribute to the city’s economic vitality.

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At the Heart of Immigration Reform, a Law That Would Make Families Whole Again

Hundreds of thousands of immigrant rights supporters rallied before Capital Hill, Wednesday, in support of compassionate immigration reform.

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Undocumented, Paying Taxes, Hoping for Immigration Reform

Fi2W contributor Aurora Almendral talked to undocumented immigrants who pay income tax in anticipation of immigration reform.

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Married to an American and Still Undocumented

Some immigrants fail to gain green cards after marrying U.S. citizens. Fi2W contributor Valeria Fernández looks at a new rule that could fix this problem.

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Could New York be Close to Electing its First Latino Mayor?

New York city has a large and diverse Latino population. A successful candidate would have to run on the issues.

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Immigrant Farmworkers, a Hidden Part of NY’S Local Food Movement

In New York State, many labor laws don’t apply to farmworkers who often work 60 to 80 hours a week. FI2W contributor Aurora Almendral went upstate for our radio partner WNYC to investigate.

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Podcast: Young Latinos Work To Get Out The Vote In Arizona

Arizona is seeing a surge in Latino voter registration and political activism that could be the leading edge of bigger political changes for the politically conservative state.