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Video: For Immigrant Women, Changes in Gender Roles

Immigrant women reflect on how immigrating to the U.S. has changed the way they think about their identity.

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Hit Hard: Russian Immigrants in Brighton Beach Begin Post-Hurricane Cleanup

The largest Russian speaking community in North America was hit hard by Hurricane Sandy. Aaron Leaf went to Brighton Beach to talk to people cleaning up after the storm.

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“Is This What We Need?” Russian Immigrant Leader Questions Brighton Beach Reality TV Show

John Lisyanskiy, a Russian immigrant and community activist says his opposition to an upcoming Lifetime TV reality show called “Brighton Beach” is about fighting for respect.

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In NY Attorney General Race, Brodsky Counts On Support of Russian Immigrant Voters

N.Y. Assemblyman Richard Brodsky is hoping Russian immigrant voters will give him the margin he needs to win the five-way Democratic primary for attorney general.

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Census Focuses on Russian Immigrants in Effort to Achieve Full Count

Community organizers and census workers are trying to ease resistance to the census among Russian immigrants in the Brighton Beach neighborhood of Brooklyn, NY.