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Commentary: Sequestration’s Toll on Immigrants and Our Shared Future

Erwin de Leon examines the impact of sequestration on immigrants and it doesn’t look good.

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Commentary: Fiscal Cliff Outcome Could Further Hurt Latino Students

Latinos have the lowest education attainment level of any group in the U.S. Further cuts could be devastating.

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Podcast: For Mexican Immigrant Children in NY, Mariachi Music Helps to Maintain Cultural Ties

The Mariachi Academy of New York teaches kids how to play the famous style of Mexican folk music. It’s also a cultural bridge for the children of immigrants who want to remain connected to their parent’s homeland.

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Commentary: The Chicago Teacher’s Strike, Public Education, and Immigrants

The Chicago teacher’s strike is in its fifth day. Fi2W commentator Erwin de Leon thinks the outcome will be particularly important for immigrants.

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Parachute Children, 7,000 Miles From Home

Our friends at Voices of NY just produced a web special on young Korean immigrants known as “Parachute Children” who come to the U.S. alone on a path of educational migration.

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Food in 2 Worlds: Are Healthy Eating Messages Reaching NYC’s Immigrants?

While Latinos and other immigrants in New York are at high risk for obesity and diabetes, there is no coordinated effort to reach these groups with information on how to improve their diet.

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Questioning the Image of Asian Americans as the “Model Minority”

Asian American students dominate New York City’s elite public high schools, but not all Asian students are deemed “college ready.” A new report seeks to paint a more balanced picture of Asian Pacific American educational achievement.

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In Response to AZ Ban, Students in Tucson Hold Their Own Ethnic Studies Classes

Since the Mexican American Studies program was shut-down in the Tucson Unified School District, students have walked out of class in protest and held their own teach-ins.

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Podcast: Immigrant Kids Gaining Despite Mixed Report Card for Brooklyn Dual Language School

At P.S. 24 in Sunset Park, Brooklyn kids, parents and teachers praise the school’s dual language curriculum. But many students under-perform on standardized tests, and the school got less-than-stellar grades in its report card.

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A Dual Language School in Brooklyn Struggles to Meet DOE Expectations But Succeeds in Child Development Areas

45 percent of the students at P.S. 24 in Sunset Park, Brooklyn are designated English Language Learners. The school has won the trust of immigrant families by immersing the students in both English and Spanish, but its D.O.E report card was mixed.