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Undocumented Immigrant Students at Brooklyn College Form ‘DREAM Team’

A group of undocumented students have formed an advocacy group on campus to support each other and fight for passage of the DREAM Act.

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DREAMers Hope To Pressure Congress With Religious Arguments

The coalition pushing for the passage of both state-level and national DREAM Acts to provide additional rights, freedoms and opportunities for young undocumented immigrants is engaging in a new course of social action this fall—faith movements.

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Middle Schoolers Become Storytellers While Learning English

Through Story Studio, an innovative ESL program operating in five public middle schools in NYC, immigrant children learn English through telling personal stories they have developed, written and illustrated themselves.

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Podcast: Temporary Protected Status Puts Young Haitian Immigrants in Education Limbo

Young Haitian immigrants under TPS can work and live legally in the U.S., but they can’t qualify for U.S. government college loans. For many that means college is out of reach.

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Immigrant Restaurant Workers Learn English, Write Haiku in Unique ESL Program

Restaurant workers are the main audience for English classes offered by The New School’s Food Studies department in collaboration with the university’s Master’s program in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages.

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A Wash, A Rinse, and a Lesson in Language at the Laundromat

Artist Hector Canonge is leading an innovative ESL program in northern Manhattan–transforming a laundromat into a classroom for new immigrants.

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Podcast: How to Get Ahead in This Economy? Learn Mandarin

But in New York City schools the demand for Chinese-language instruction exceeds the supply. Fi2W Executive Producer John Rudolph interviews reporter Lan Trinh about the explosive interest in Mandarin instruction.

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Filipino Teachers Casualties of Immigration Fiasco

A labor violation by Maryland’s Prince George’s County Public Schools has resulted in an ugly confrontation with the U.S. Department of Labor, and some 800 Filipino teachers are caught in the crossfire.

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Podcast: Irish Teacher Brings Her Immigrant Experience to NYC Public Schools

Pauline O’Brien came to the U.S. when she was 19 years old. Today she’s the assistant principal of a NYC high school with a large immigrant population. Listen to her story.

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Video: The Turkish Olympiad – Building Cultural and Linguistic Ties to Turkey

An annual competition gives students from Turkish schools in the U.S. a chance to show off their knowledge of Turkish music, culture and language.