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Video: Immigrants and Native-Born Seek Chinese Language Instruction in NYC Public Schools

There is growing demand for Chinese language instruction across the U.S. Watch Lan Trinh’s video of a public elementary school in New York that initiated a dual language Mandarin-English program.

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Podcast: The Complex Relationship Between Immigrant Blacks and African Americans on College Campuses

By several measures, immigrant blacks are outpacing African-Americans in higher education. In this podcast reporter Martha St. Jean looks at the impact this has had on relations between different groups of black students.

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Should Immigrant Kids Whose Second Language is English Have Extra Time to Finish High School?

It can take five to seven years for a kid with a non-English speaking background to learn proper academic English. Yet New York high schools that serve immigrants are under pressure to graduate their students in four years.

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Podcast: Young Muslim Turkish Women Attend School in U.S. to Evade Headscarf Ban

Two sisters who are observant Muslims left Turkey as teenagers to attend school in New York where, they say, they have found an environment that is more accepting of their religious practice.

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Podcast: Budget Tug-of-War at Immigrant School: Better Class Instruction vs. Mental Health Services

Faced with limited resources a New York City high school for immigrant teenagers faces a tough choice on where to spend its money.