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Commentary: A Filipino Immigrant’s Experience With Stop-and-Frisk

A Filipino performance artist became a victim of stop-and-frisk because he wore braids and the gang colors of black and orange.


New Filipina Talk Show Airs in October

After years of planning, The FilAm founder Cristina DC Pastor is launching a Filipina version of “The View.”

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Applying Korean Standards to NYC Public Schools, Immigrant Mom Decides Her Kids Need More

For Korean-born Choi Fairbanks, New York City schools are just not rigorous enough.

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It’s Tax Season, Even for Undocumented Immigrants

Listen to a report by Fi2W’s Aurora Almendral on PRI’s The World.

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Undocumented, Paying Taxes, Hoping for Immigration Reform

Fi2W contributor Aurora Almendral talked to undocumented immigrants who pay income tax in anticipation of immigration reform.

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Indian Sikh Community Provides Hot Vegetarian Food for Victims of Hurricane Sandy

Since Hurricane Sandy, the group United Sikhs has brought hot food to areas like Hoboken, Newark, Manhattan and Queens.

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Some 80 Candidates from Immigrant Communities are Running for Congress in Tuesday’s Election

Despite the high number of immigrant candidates, even if they all win on Nov. 6th Latinos and Asians will be underrepresented in Congress according to a new report.

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Eating the Food Cart Street in a New York Afternoon

Read Reuter’s review of our “Eat the Street” food tour of Roosevelt Avenue in Queens.

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Election Roundup: Rangel Survives, Meng Triumphs

A look at two races in NY’s rare June primary where immigrant voters played a significant role.