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Grace Meng Counting on Asian Immigrant Voters in Her Bid for Congress

In the tightly contested primary race for New York’s 6th Congressional District, Grace Meng is hoping Asian Americans will go to the polls and make her the first Chinese American to represent New York in Congress.

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A Massive Wave of Caribbean Art Comes to New York

Caribbean: Crossroads of the World is an ambitious exhibit spread across three museums consisting of over 500 paintings, sculptures, drawings, photographs, and multimedia projects by over 350 artists.

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A New Kind of Comic Book Superhero? José Busca Legalizarse

A new graphic novel features an unlikely hero — an undocumented immigrant who battles fraudulent immigration services.

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Feet in 2 Worlds Introduces Food Tours of New York Immigrant Neighborhoods

Feet in 2 Worlds has teamed up with Streetwise New York to offer food tours in Queens this summer: “Eat the Street” in Jackson Heights, and “Mediterranean Flavors of Astoria.” Sign up today!

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Discovering Extraordinary Street Food and Immigration History in Jackson Heights

A tour offers delicious flavors and a deeper understanding of how one of the most diverse neighborhoods in the world came to be.

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Inspired by Spiritual Leader, Immigrant Community Cooks Vegetarian Food for NYC Homeless

Each week, devotees of the Indian spiritual leader Sathya Sai Baba feed New York City’s homeless and hungry population. Reporter Ramma Reddy Raghavan brings us this story for our Food in 2 Worlds series.

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Podcast: Inside the Newsroom of a Chinese-language Daily as the John Liu Story Unfolds

Rong Xiaoqing, a reporter with the Chinese-language newspaper Sing Tao Daily, is covering the scandal involving NYC Comptroller John Liu.

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Fi2W Debuts NYC Ethnic Food Tours at International Culinary Conference

The latest venture of our Food in 2 Worlds project. Follow the tours on Twitter at #foodin2worlds.

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Food in 2 Worlds: Are Healthy Eating Messages Reaching NYC’s Immigrants?

While Latinos and other immigrants in New York are at high risk for obesity and diabetes, there is no coordinated effort to reach these groups with information on how to improve their diet.

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New York’s Ethnic Press Advances the Story of Knicks Star Jeremy Lin

Ethnic media is reporting on the ripple effects of Lin’s success in immigrant communities.