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Introducing the Feet in 2 Worlds Magazine: Redefining the American Dream

What’s the American Dream for today’s immigrants? Check out articles, infographics, an original video and much more in the Table of Contents.

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Immigrants Give Up the Dream of Homeownership in the U.S.

After years of work in the U.S., many Colombian immigrants are discovering that the only place they can afford to retire is back in Colombia.

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Infographic: Owning a Home is a Dream for Many Immigrants, but Rates of Success Vary

Our interactive data map uses data from the American Community Survey to show the impact immigrant investment has on the housing market.

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The DREAM Movement’s New Agenda: Five Young Immigrants Tell Us Why They’ve Moved Beyond Seeking a Pathway to Citizenship

Frustrated with the deadlock in Washington over immigration reform, young immigrant activists are starting to distance themselves from the core goals of the DREAMer movement.

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Video: Here, I Am the Real Me

For Colombian musician Gregorio Uribe, leading his own big band in NYC is the realization of his American Dream. Watch Uribe in an original Fi2W story.

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Podcast: The Road Not Taken – Millions of Immigrants Could Apply for Citizenship, But Haven’t

On this Fi2W Podcast, experts discuss how growing numbers of immigrants say being able to work legally in the U.S. is enough.

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Commentary: Immigrants Reflect on the American Dream

Respondents to the Fi2W ‘American Dream’ poll share their reflections on immigration, citizenship, and achieving the American Dream.

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Why Are Some of Silicon Valley’s Best and Brightest Spending Time on a Foreign Election?

Forget the midterm U.S. elections: Indian immigrants are pouring energy and campaign contributions into India’s national elections.