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Brokenhearted? Have a Heart Condition? A Botanica May Offer a Cure

Hundreds of stores selling herbal remedies offer emotional and spiritual support to Latino New Yorkers.

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A New Sanctuary Movement Supports Undocumented Immigrants

How religious congregations are assisting some of the newest immigrants

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Meditation and Community Engagement – A Buddhist Monk’s Work in Midtown Manhattan

A Korean Buddhist leader serves multiple constituencies in the city

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Seeking a “Peaceful Balance” for Hindus in the U.S.

The challenge of fostering unity in a diverse community

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Redefining the Role of Women in Islam

Reima Yosif is a shaykha, a female Muslim scholar. Her focus is on educating Muslim women.

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New York’s Muslim Geography, from Apartment Mosques to Prayers in the Street

With some 350 mosques, NYC offers a wide variety of approaches to Islam.

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Podcast: Reporting on Religion for and about New Americans

A conversation with journalists covering Judaism and Islam.

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Beyond a Religion: Vodou Connects Haitians to their African Roots

Haitian Vodou priest Dòwòti Désir works to overturn myths and stereotypes about her religion.

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Wearing the Veil: A Means of Liberation for Muslim Women

Far from being a way to repress women, a Muslim scholar says the veil allows women to be more assertive.

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“To immigrate is to experience a chasm” – Reflections of a Rabbi

Part of a round-table discussion by faith leaders sponsored by Feet in 2 Worlds.