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News Analysis: Did Obama Manage to Defuse Next Week’s Immigration Reform March?

President Obama once again seemed to mollify immigration reform advocates with a statement on his “strong commitment” to the issue, but he did not give them much else.

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As White House Meeting on Immigration Reform is Cancelled, Advocates Intensify Criticism of Obama

Harsh criticism of Obama for increasing enforcement and deportations. Schumer-Graham bill would include mandatory ID card.

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Obama Meeting on Immigration Reform, A Pre-Emptive Strike Against Demonstration?

The president will talk immigration with Sens. Schumer and Graham Monday evening, but a potentially massive march for immigration reform looms ahead.

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Progressive Activists React to Grim Diagnoses on Immigration Reform

With a lightning round of conference calls and press releases, pro-reform activists tried to tamp down gloomy predictions about the future of immigration reform in Congress after Scott Brown’s victory in Massachusetts. They argued that unlike the health care overhaul, this is an initiative that enjoys bipartisan support.

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With Health Care Bill Looking Shaky, What’s Left for Immigration Reform?

Republican Scott Brown’s victory in the Massachusetts senate race is widely seen as a major blow to President Barack Obama’s hope of passing health care reform. Does this mean immigration reform –which has taken a back seat to health care since Obama took office a year ago— is dead?

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Arizona March for Immigrant Rights Draws National Support

Pro-immigrant and civil rights groups from across the country will march in Phoenix this Saturday to denounce what they call the criminalization of undocumented immigrants in the area.

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After Years Dreading Deportation, New York Activist is Detained by ICE and Could Be Sent to Haiti

Jean Montrevil, a founder of the local branch of the New Sanctuary Coalition and a legal U.S. resident born in Haiti, was detained by immigration authorities on Dec. 30 during one of his monthly check-ins and is now awaiting deportation at a York, Pa., jail.

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The Year in Review: What’s in Store for Immigration Reform in 2010 Under President Obama?

The Obama Administration’s focus on immigration enforcement up to now offers a useful preview of what a likely legalization proposal will include in 2010 and how it will fare in a historically partisan and divided Washington.

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The Year in Review: After Lofty Campaign Promises, More Enforcement From President Obama

With the Senate passing its version of health care reform in the wee hours of Christmas Eve, many immigrant advocates are waiting with bated breath for the White House to turn its attention to immigration in 2010.

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Immigration Reform Bill Sparks Cautious Optimism and Lots of Questions Among Immigrants in Arizona

In Arizona, which has been at the forefront of hard-line immigration initiatives, news of a bill that would allow the legalization of millions of undocumented workers brought some relief but also questions about the likely fate of those who’ve been swept up in the state’s law enforcement dragnet.