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The DREAM Movement’s New Agenda: Five Young Immigrants Tell Us Why They’ve Moved Beyond Seeking a Pathway to Citizenship

Frustrated with the deadlock in Washington over immigration reform, young immigrant activists are starting to distance themselves from the core goals of the DREAMer movement.


Education Challenges Ahead for Many Immigrant Youth

Regardless of their immigration status, immigrant youth face a variety of hurdles in school.

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Deferred Action Report Card – Many Applicants Lack Proper Qualifications

A new report says only 57 per cent of potential DACA applicants meet both age and educational requirements.

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Commentary: A Christmas Present for Victor

A private bill allowing Victor Chukwueke to stay in the United States and study medicine is cause for celebration says Erwin de Leon, but Victor is just one of millions.


Commentary: Legal Violence Against Immigrants and Their Families

A new report argues that immigration enforcement is a kind of legal violence inflicted upon immigrants and their families. Erwin de Leon says it hurts the nation as a whole.

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Fi2W Immigration News Picks 09/12/12: First Batch Approved for Deferred Action

In this edition of News Picks, Homeland Security approves the first batch of deferred action applicants and Los Angeles considers turning library cards into valid IDs for the undocumented.

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Immigration News Picks, August 24, 2012: Mississippi Gov. Signs Executive Order

Mitt Romney says his goal is to get 38 percent of the Latino vote but will his party’s harsh anti-immigration policies scuttle this plan?

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Crowds of DREAMers – Undocumented Immigrant Youth – Get Legal Counseling as We Ask “What’s Next?”

Young undocumented immigrants seeking legal advice on how to apply for deferred action are anxious for further immigration immigration reform.

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Gearing Up for Deferred Action

In the run up to the “deferred action” program, undocumented youth are figuring out how to navigate the process.

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The Road to Deferred Action – Tracing the Story of the DREAM Act

To mark the start of Deferred Action Fi2W looks at “how we got here” – including a photo gallery with links to our coverage of the DREAM Act. Take a look.