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Ewa Kern-Jedrychowska Reports on Astoria’s Greek Immigrants for PRI’s The World

Reporter Ewa Kern-Jedrychowska produced this feature about Greek immigrants affected by the Eurozone crisis for our partner, PRI’s The World.

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Food in 2 Worlds: The Adoration of the Maggi

Maggi seasoning was invented in the 19th Century in Switzerland. Today immigrants from across the globe call it a “taste of home.”
In this podcast reporter Aurora Almendral explores the magical world of Maggi, complete with recipes.

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Austrian Asylum Request For Teenager Denied After 8 Year Struggle

In an increasingly anti-immigrant atmosphere, Austria’s highest court has ruled that 18-year-old Arigona Zogaj must leave her adoptive home in Austria and return to Kosovo, the country she barely knows.

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Across Europe, Governments Impose Restrictions on Immigration

Europe’s economic crisis has fostered anti-immigrant measures in several countries and helped advance the position of extreme right-wing parties across the continent.