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Stories about Haitian immigrants in the U.S.

Haiti Faces Uncertain Future After Elections

Feet in Two Worlds wants to hear from Haitian immigrants and others interested in the situation in Haiti, following Sunday’s voting.

Peacekeeping - MINUSTAH

Amid Cholera Epidemic, Haitian Immigrant Community Sends Soap, Money and Prayers

The Haitian immigrant community is struggling to find effective ways to address Haiti’s latest disaster.

SB 1070 Major Issue in Republican Primary Wins

Republican candidates who favor greater restrictions on immigration won races in Arizona and Florida.

Haitian Americans Edge Toward First U.S. Congress Seat

Four out of nine candidates in the Democratic Primary in Florida’s 17th district are Haitian American. Community leaders fear they will split the vote and miss an opportunity to send the first Haitian American to Congress.

Authorities Warn Undocumented Immigrants From Haiti About TPS Scams

Some scammers are already preying on unwitting –or desperate– Haitian applicants seeking protected status.

Freed After Haitian Tragedy, Activist to Demonstrate in the Shadow of Immigration Detention Center

On New Year’s Day, Jean Montrevil was detained in an immigration lockup. Less than a month later, after being freed following the devastating earthquake in Haiti, he will stand outside another jail where immigrants are held to protest the laws that placed him a breath away from deportation.

Ethnic Media Provides Links to Haiti News and Relief Efforts; U.S. puts Deportations on Hold

Ethnic media outlets are providing a vital link to news and information about the situation in Haiti as Haitians in the U.S. scramble to learn the fate of friends and family members following Tuesday’s devastating earthquake and relief efforts are organized in communities across the U.S.

Guest Columnist: Haitian Immigrant’s Redemption Story Leaves ICE Cold

Can people change? This question is at the heart of the fight between Homeland Security and detained immigration activist Jean Montrevil. The answer has major implications for the reforms that lawmakers propose when they take up immigration reform after health care.

Ten Immigration Protesters Arrested in Lower Manhattan Demonstration for Arrested Activist

New York police on Tuesday arrested eight clergy members and two community activists who were demonstrating outside a Lower Manhattan immigration detention center against the likely deportation of civic activist Jean Montrevil.

After Years Dreading Deportation, New York Activist is Detained by ICE and Could Be Sent to Haiti

Jean Montrevil, a founder of the local branch of the New Sanctuary Coalition and a legal U.S. resident born in Haiti, was detained by immigration authorities on Dec. 30 during one of his monthly check-ins and is now awaiting deportation at a York, Pa., jail.