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Commentary: Congress’s Green Card Debate – Should Highly Skilled Immigrants Get Priority?

Fi2W columnist Erwin de Leon says the U.S. needs more highly skilled immigrant workers, but not at the expense of other immigrants who also contribute to the economy.

De Leon: The Important Work Low-Skilled Immigrants Do

A new report from the Brookings Institution shows that as the U.S. population ages, the labor force will increasingly depend on immigrants and their children to keep the economy moving.

De Leon: Rare Feat of Bipartisanship Blocked by Leading Republican Senator

The House of Representatives recently passed a bill to increase the per-country limit on visas granted to high skilled workers. Advocates say it will improve the American economy, but Senator Chuck Grassley disagrees, and has blocked the bill in the Senate.

Startup Hopes to Hack the Immigration System With a Floating Incubator

A new company called Blueseed is hoping to circumnavigate the stagnation of the immigration system and bring highly skilled immigrants to work 12 miles off of the California coast.

De Leon: Both Parties Propose Immigration Bills But Pass None

Amid rumors that Congressional Democrats will introduce an immigration bill before the year’s end, an update on Republican bills on the hill.