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Supreme Court Hears Arguments on SB 1070

Fi2W’s Valeria Fernandez was inside the courtroom as arguments were heard on the controversial Arizona law that has inspired anti-immigrant laws around the nation.

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Uncertain Outlook for Arizona Immigration Legislation After Recall Election

The defeat of Arizona State Senator Russell Pearce in Tuesday’s recall election may make state lawmakers more cautious about supporting bills restricting illegal immigration. But supporters of Pearce, the architect of SB 1070, say they won’t be deterred.

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Walking On Eggshells as SB 1070 Deadline Nears

Arizona’s new law requiring local and state police to arrest suspected undocumented immigrants is scheduled to go into effect tomorrow, unless a federal judge rules otherwise.

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Listening to Both Sides in Arizona’s Immigration Debate

Valeria Fernandez in Phoenix cuts through the rhetoric and finds there actually is common ground between opponents and supporters of Arizona’s new immigration law.

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Slaying of Arizona Rancher Fuels Debate Over Proposed Anti-Immigrant Bill

The killing of a rancher near the U.S.-Mexico border enraged supporters of a bill in the Arizona legislature that would allow police to arrest migrants for trespassing in the state.

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Napolitano: White House to Push Immigration Reform “Until We Get it Over the Finish Line”

The Obama administration will continue to push for immigration reform until it’s done, DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano said Thursday, according to local media.

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Immigration Reform Caravan Leaves for D.C. to Show Plight of the Undocumented in Arizona

Dozens of human rights activists set out in a caravan from Phoenix to Washington D.C. to call attention to the criminalization of immigrants in Arizona.

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Chilean Immigrants in Arizona Band Together After Tragic Earthquake

The tragic earthquake and tsunami in their home country united dozens of Chilean immigrants in Arizona to share their sorrow and send aid to Chile.

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After Losing a Child to Violence, Immigrant Families Find Kinship in Support Group

Latino and immigrant families who have lost a child to violence formed their own Spanish-language support group in Phoenix.