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A Latino Running Mate Won’t Win Romney ‘The Latino Vote’

Latino political blogger Jack Tomas thinks all the rumors that Romney will choose a Latino running mate are hogwash. In this piece he gives us a rundown of Romney’s Latino VP choices — and explains why they will all fall flat.

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Marco Rubio’s “Dream Act” and the GOP Vice Presidential Sweepstakes

The GOP Senator is working on a version of the bill supported by Latinos and long-championed by Democrats. Could it win Rubio the nod as Mitt Romney’s running mate?

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Eyes on Marco Rubio as GOP Field Pivots to Florida

As eyes turn from South Carolina to Florida for the GOP primaries, one Republican Senator who isn’t even running for president is sharing the spotlight with the Republican presidential candidates.

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Spanish-Language Media Closely Tracking Republicans, Tea Party on Immigration

Particularly in editorial pages and TV commentary, Latino-oriented media is analyzing what presidential candidates say about national immigration reform.

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Ethnic Candidates Rise to Top Posts in Midterm Elections

Last week’s elections resulted in victories for a large number of Republican candidates with immigrant roots.

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Outrage at Arizona Immigration Law Reflected in Hispanic Media

The law making it a crime to be in Arizona without proper documents is story number one in the Spanish-language press.