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Rosa’s Story: Undocumented and Unemployed in the Pandemic: Episode 5 of our Podcast Series, “A Better Life?”

Undocumented hotel housekeepers are among some of the most vulnerable workers in the pandemic. In this episode, we hear their stories.

Sustainable Traditions: Immigrants in Today’s Food Culture

In Arizona, A Farmers’ Market Flourishes In the Shadow of the Border Fence

Tons of fresh produce from Mexico is shipped through Nogales. But getting local residents to eat fresh food is a challenge.

10th Anniversary

A Diverse Team, A Unique Perspective

Covering the news from an immigrant journalist’s point of view.

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Food in 2 Worlds™: Audio Postcards about Cuisine, Culture, and Love

Immigrants talk about how they remain connected to their home culture through food.

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Married to an American and Still Undocumented

Some immigrants fail to gain green cards after marrying U.S. citizens. Fi2W contributor Valeria Fernández looks at a new rule that could fix this problem.

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Mexican Senators Come to U.S. in Hopes of Influencing Immigration Debate

Mexican officials are in the U.S. to advocate for more humane treatment of their nationals. They are visiting U.S. Senators in Alabama, Arizona and other states that recently passed harsh laws targeting undocumented migrants.

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Outrage at Arizona Immigration Law Reflected in Hispanic Media

The law making it a crime to be in Arizona without proper documents is story number one in the Spanish-language press.