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Michaelle Solages, First Haitian Elected to NY State Assembly, Now Focused on Long Island Sandy Relief

Michaelle Solages, from Nassau County’s 22nd district, has become the first person of Haitian descent elected to the New York State Assembly. Her first order of business is to get the power back on.

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Commentary: The Choice is Clear for Immigrants

This November, Fi2W commentator Erwin de Leon will be supporting the party that listens to immigrant voices.

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DREAMers Celebrate Obama Announcement on Shift in Immigration Policy

President Barack Obama announced today that his administration will cease deporting undocumented youth who grew up in the US and who fulfill a number of requirements. The government will also begin issuing them work permits.

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Political Satire: Ways Mitt Romney Can Attract Latino Voters

Meet Jack Tomas, Fi2W’s new Latino blogger. He’ll be contributing posts, often with a satirical flavor, as we count down to the 2012 presidential election.

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Every Vote Counts – GOP Candidates Speak to Latinos in New Hampshire

Latinos make up a tiny fraction of the New Hampshire population, but Gingrich and Romney both had words for immigrants over the weekend, as the candidates count down the hours to primary day.

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Romney: A Flip-Flopper on Immigration or a Bona Fide Hardliner?

Presidential hopeful Mitt Romney has been accused of flip-flopping on issues, chief among them immigration. But has his stance on immigration really shifted that much?

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Can Newt Gingrich Emulate George W. Bush’s Success With Latinos?

Former House Speaker Next Gingrich is “softer” on immigration than the others vying for the GOP Presidential nomination, but that may not be enough to win Latino votes.

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Candidates for NY Attorney General Meet the Ethnic Press

Four of the five Democratic candidates showed up for a televised debate that was a contest over who is the most immigrant-friendly.

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El Diario Endorses Latino Insurgents in NY Primary

New York’s biggest Spanish language paper is hoping for fresh blood in the New York State legislature.