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As Rangel-Espaillat Race Drags On, Dominicans Have Doubts

Residents of Washington Heights worry about suppression of the Latino vote in last week’s Democratic Congressional Primary.

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Election Roundup: Rangel Survives, Meng Triumphs

A look at two races in NY’s rare June primary where immigrant voters played a significant role.

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Podcast: Rep. Charles Rangel Runs for Reelection in a Latino Majority District

In advance of the New York Democratic primary on June 26, Fi2W executive producer John Rudolph speakes with Rep. Rangel about his district’s growing Hispanic population.

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New York Congress Members Promise to Push for Immigration Reform

New York Democratic representatives Yvette Clarke, Charles Rangel and Anthony Weiner came out this week in support of comprehensive immigration reform during a Thanksgiving event that also recognized immigrants’ heritage and contributions to the city.